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Harvest Chocolate

Harvest Chocolate Tasting + Tour: at The Vault

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Join us for an immersive Sunday afternoon as we taste our way through bean to bar chocolate made from different single origins from around the world, and enjoy the different flavor profiles with each bite.  Together we will tour our production space located at The Vault: a sweets marketplace! Here we will walk you through how we make our chocolate: smell the cacao beans roasting, see how we sort and crack them, and even taste the cacao nibs grinding into warm chocolate.

We will taste chocolate made from cocoa beans sourced from:

  • The Cenote Lake of Guatemala.  Flavor Profile: Bright and Fruity
  • The Cayapas River in Ecuador. Flavor Profile: Nutty and Rich
  • Through the lands of Pisa Haiti.  Flavor Profile: Jammy and Smooth
  • and over to the tropical farmlands of Ghana - Flavor Profile: Rich and Fudgy

In addition, we will taste many of our seasonal chocolate bars including Fall favorites like: Spiced Pumpkin, Cinnamon Custard, and Vanilla Bean Sea Salt. 

Where: 110 W. Chicago Blvd. Tecumseh, Michigan

When: Sunday October 23rd at 1PM.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at