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Harvest Chocolate

Mini Chocolate Bunnies

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Chocolate lovers! Say hop-py Easter with our NEW! Limited Edition Mini Chocolate Bunnies! What better way to celebrate the start of spring than with these original bunnies made by hand in small batches. Imagine taking a bite of pure dark chocolate with tasting notes of hazelnut, graham cracker and toffee, then festively sprinkled with marshmallow sugar for extra sweetness. Even better, this mini treat is made from Ecuadorian cocoa beans that have been carefully chosen for quality and flavor. Get your hands on a bundle of these adorable bunnies before they all jump away! Our great-tasting Mini Chocolate Bunnies are perfect for Easter baskets or just as a tasty snack anytime. Hop to it and grab a bundle today!

Solid dark chocolate sprinkled with marshmallow sugar. 

INGREDIENTS: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, natural marshmallow flavoring. 

SIZE: Each bundle includes four mini chocolate bunnies. 40 grams / 1.4 ounces