The Harvest Chocolate Story

We're Harvest Chocolate, bean-to-bar chocolate makers who handcraft seasonal chocolate bars and Snacking Chocolate for everyday moments. We use simple, organic ingredients and source fresh cacao seasonally, using local fruits from the season to add unique flavors to our chocolate. 

Our story starts well before Harvest Chocolate ever came to be. We're Matt and Elizabeth, a husband and wife who spent years working in the fine-dining restaurant industry, from San Francisco and Napa Valley, to Chicago and New York City. We both worked in some of the top Michelin-star restaurants in the country, Elizabeth on the pastry side, and Matt on the savory side of the kitchen. Together, we made a great duo in the kitchen. But something was missing, so we went back to our roots and moved home to Michigan.

We started life over completely, and both fell in love all over again—this time with chocolate. We studied chocolate in and out, understanding the craft, traveling to different cacao origins, and developing our passion for bean-to-bar chocolate and ethically sourced cacao. And then there was Harvest Chocolate.

We wanted to create chocolate that anyone could enjoy, regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions. We wanted to support farmers locally and abroad by using only the season's best harvest—from cacao beans to local fruits. We wanted to make chocolate from scratch, from purchasing the beans to packaging our bars and everything in between. We wanted to run our business ethically, using fair-trade practices, supporting farmers, and using simple, organic ingredients. A few years later, we created Harvest Chocolate. 

Take a bite and indulge a little. You deserve it.