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Harvest Chocolate

Ghana Snacking Chocolate

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Featured in Foxes Loves Lemons Chocolate Creme Brulee Recipe

Travel through Chocolate
Destination: ABOCFA Ghana

Tasting Notes: Rich Fudge, Malt, Chocolate Shortbread
Flavor Profile: Rich & Fudgy

68% Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar.

Where chocolate is grown is the first key to the tasting notes naturally enjoyed in chocolate. Fruity, nutty, rich & fudgy: before there is a chocolate maker, there is a terroir, a farmer, and a cacao harvest. Take a trip with us and experience the adventure in tasting two ingredient chocolate made simply with just cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Snack away and travel through chocolate with each bite.

This cacao’s classic rich and fudgy flavor is representative of what we have come to know and love in chocolate and is sure to stir up nostalgic memories of childhood. With notes of chocolate shortbread and rich chocolate fudge, this variety is perfect for the deep dark chocolate lover. 

Size: 6 oz bag or 2 oz mini bag
Organic, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

About the Farm: 

ABOCFA is a farmer cooperative based in Suhum, Ghana, known for producing the highest quality traceable cacao in the region, and is one of only four organic certified cooperatives in Ghana, meaning that their cacao is quite rare when it comes to all the cacao output from the country. The cooperative has invested a lot of energy into teaching farmers best practices in fermentation and raised bed drying, leading to superior quality compared to other Ghanian cacao. -Uncommon Cacao