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Harvest Chocolate

Cinnamon Custard

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Cinnamon Custard Bar: A Sweet Slice of Nostalgia - a spin on Grandma's classic Cinnamon Custard Pie to take you back in time.

Step into a deliciously nostalgic world with our Cinnamon Custard Bar, where each bite takes you back to the cherished days of baking with Grandma. This bar is not just a chocolate treat; it's a nostalgic memory, lovingly encased in creamy, custardy chocolate.

Take a trip back in time to imagine your favorite baking memories from childhood. Grandma, the master baker, effortlessly blending simple ingredients with a pinch of love – no recipes needed. A splash of milk, a dash of sugar, an egg, and that magical sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, all coming together in perfect harmony. The anticipation as you waited, not-so-patiently, for that first warm bite of her Cinnamon Custard Pie fresh out of the oven.

We've captured that heartwarming experience in our Cinnamon Custard Bar. Imagine the delicate, custardy goodness of almond white chocolate, each bite lovingly sprinkled with a hefty dose of toasty cinnamon sugar. It’s a spin on Grandma's classic Cinnamon Custard Pie, transformed into a convenient and delightful chocolate bar.

Our Cinnamon Custard Bar is more than just a sweet indulgence; it's a journey back to those golden days. A time when the simplest ingredients created the most extraordinary memories. With every bite, let the warm, comforting flavors wrap you in a blanket of nostalgia, reminding you of the love and joy of those baking days with Grandma.

Custardy almond white chocolate sprinkled with toasty cinnamon sugar.

INGREDIENTS: organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, almonds, cinnamon.

SIZE: 50 grams / 1.7 ounces