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Harvest Chocolate

Ecuador Snacking Chocolate

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Travel through Chocolate
Destination: Costa Esmerelda, Ecuador

Tasting Notes: Macadamia, Honeysuckle, Brownie
Flavor Profile: Nutty, Fudgy, and Floral

68% Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar.

Where chocolate is grown is the first key to the tasting notes naturally enjoyed in chocolate. Fruity, nutty, rich & fudgy: before there is a chocolate maker, there is a terroir, a farmer, and a cacao harvest. Take a trip with us and experience the adventure in tasting two ingredient chocolate made simply with just cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Snack away and travel through chocolate with each bite.

Chocolate made from these cocoa beans have notes of buttery macadamia nuts, floral notes of honeysuckle, and flavors and aromas of fresh baked brownies. For chocolate lovers looking for rich dark chocolate that has amazing depth of flavor and aroma, then the Ecuador Snacking Chocolate is so perfect for you!

Size: 6 oz bag, 2 oz mini bag, or 1 pound for Baking

Organic, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

About the Farm: 

Costa Esmeraldas Cacao operates a family owned cacao orchard in the northern coast of Ecuador, in the Esmeraldas province. Since 2008 they have made efforts to rehabilitate cattle pasture and mono-crop forest plantations into agroforestry systems where cacao is intercropped with fruit and local trees. 

Costa Esmeraldas won the Cocoa of Excellence cacao liquor tasting evaluation and award 2019 edition.

From Costa Esmerelda:

"Travel with us to the northern Ecuadorian coast and taste our expression of Nacional Cacao. Here you will find harmony between the sea breeze and the last patches of coastal cloud forest.

There are myriad and diverse wildlife in the region which are able to travel through our orchard via wild-life corridors. We aim to leave better soil, water and wildlife corridors for the generations to come. The Salazar family began to change the environment by implementing a new model, cultivating cocoa, fruit trees and species from the area, which creates an environment that attracts species of local flora and fauna to re-inhabit the place. After a period of research, they set out to produce the best cocoa beans in the world; taking care of every step of the cultivation, harvest and post harvest; in a meticulous, careful and detailed way in order to enhance the flavors and aromas of its beans. It is thanks to this effort, perseverance and commitment that it has become recognized as one of the best cocoa beans in the world."