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Harvest Chocolate

Haiti Snacking Chocolate

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Travel Through Chocolate
Destination: Pisa Haiti

Tasting Notes: brown sugar, chocolate pudding, plum jam.
Flavor Profile: Balanced & Jammy

64% Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar.

Where chocolate is grown is the first key to the tasting notes naturally enjoyed in chocolate. Fruity, nutty, rich & fudgy: before there is a chocolate maker, there is a terroir, a farmer, and a cacao harvest. Take a trip with us and experience the adventure in tasting two ingredient chocolate made simply with just cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Snack away and travel through chocolate with each bite.

Chocolate made from these beans can be enjoyed by a wide variety of chocolate lovers, making it our most popular variety. With notes of toffee, plum jam, and brown sugar, this dark chocolate is balanced and smooth like chocolate pudding, making it so perfectly snackable any time of day when you need a boost, a moment to pause and travel through chocolate with each melting bite.

Size: 6 oz bag, 2 oz mini bag, or 1 pound
Organic, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

About the Farm:

Haiti PISA launched their centralized processing facility in 2014, which was a revolutionary change for the way the cacao industry worked in Haiti, offering the first high quality Haitian cacao to the US market. PISA partnered with farmers to give them what they really needed: pricing transparency, and a consistent market. Today, PISA provides smallholder farmers access to the specialty cacao market by purchasing wet cacao, centrally fermenting it, and selling it at a higher price for its higher quality. -Uncommon Cacao

We partner with PISA and Uncommon Cacao to support systems change and reduce structural inequities in Haiti, while acknowledging that the end goal for economic justice has yet to be met and will require long-term partnership across the chocolate value chain.