Harvest Chocolate Brownie Pie Recipe

Harvest Chocolate Brownie Pie Recipe

Chocolate Brownie Pie is the decadent mashup of two favorite desserts that you didn’t know you needed. Flaky, buttery crust is filled with dark chocolate brownie filling. - Foxes Love Lemons

Chocolate Brownie Pie Recipe from Harvest Chocolate

Chocolate vs. Pie: why it doesn’t have to be one or the other

Stop everything you are doing and get ready to experience the ultimate dessert mashup - Chocolate Brownie Pie! Imagine a flaky buttery crust filled with rich dark chocolate brownie goodness. For me, it's like two of my favorite childhood desserts had a baby- each one better than before because they were brought together in harmony! It’s a special sweet treat that'll make every after-dinner gathering even more delightful than ever before. 

A Sweet Collaboration

This decadent recipe was developed by yours truly and Lori, my childhood friend from Foxes Love Lemons.

Meet Lori: a Michigan based food blogger/photographer and recipe developer. Each season we get together to develop a fun recipe centered around – you guessed it– chocolate. But not just any chocolate, Harvest Chocolate

Choosing Chocolate:

Harvest Chocolate Snacking Chocolate Collection

The fun thing about baking is we like to keep it simple with the chocolate being the main star of the recipe. Here’s a little secret, our snacking chocolate is excellent for just that –snacking– but it’s also great for baking

With four options of Harvest Snacking Chocolate, how do you choose which one to use in this recipe? Here's a simple guide, then pick your own adventure. We used the Costa Rican variety in this recipe because we loved the way the chocolate cut through the rich brownie batter and the buttery goodness from the pie crust. But of course, there's no wrong answer to this. Our only rule: enjoy the chocolate along the way. 

Here's a quick chocolate guide when choosing which variety to use in a recipe:

Costa Rica: Flavor Profile - dark chocolate with bright citrus notes

Haiti:  Flavor Profile - notes of jam and texture like chocolate pudding

Ecuador: Flavor Profile - a little bit nutty, with notes of cinnamon.

Ghana: Flavor Profile - rich + fudgy like an oreo cookie dipped in ganache.

Cocoa Powder Fun Fact: did you know this?

Harvest Chocolate Cocoa Powder

The decadence of chocolate birthday cake; the smell of a fresh batch of brownies in the oven: baking in the kitchen is magical and it only multiplies when using the most flavorful ingredients -- starting first with cocoa powder

With tasting notes of fresh cocoa and creamy banana, this cocoa powder is all natural, never "dutched," an industrial process which strips the powder of flavor through chemical washing. 

Instead, it's the rich fudginess in your chocolate brownies, the bold cocoa in your favorite mocha, and the silky creaminess in your favorite chocolate cake. It's the flavor and texture in all your favorite chocolate recipes that make you sigh with pure delight! 

Chocolate Brownie Pie from Harvest Chocolate


Let's Bake!

So what are you waiting for!? Let's whip it up and impress those pie AND chocoholics out there like never before! Let us know what your pie vs chocolate journey tastes like when you try this sweet treat today… we hope it becomes a staple in your recipe box!

Without further adieu: 

Chocolate Brownie Pie Recipe

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